Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bothersome discovery

Today I logged onto my blog to find some information and reread through some of my notes. I went back to the lesson with the UTube video embedded in it. As I clicked on it, some other roll overs appeared; some of whichI have previously uploaded to UTube. Others aren't mine and I have even never viewed them before. I feel I have no control over what appears here. The video of a woman modeling in a swimsuit was somehow placed in my blog. I'd love to hear an explanation. This is bothersome.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Final Thoughts - Thing # 23

I have had my eyes opened more widely to the concept of social networking. Not only does it exist on many levels, but the tools with which to maintain and personalize it, are plentiful. Figuring I didn't have anything to useful to say, I didn't write my blog specifically as a source for others; rather I used it as notes to myself to remind me of some of my favorite tool. I did add my favorite links along the way to my favorites in my computer. I know, it's the old way... I'll transfer them to site later.

I enjoyed several of the "things" more than others. Although I found the games boring and clearly not worth my time, I thought the wikis and creation and formatting of the blogs themselves very interesting. A group of friends from high school (Class of 71) have a blog that we all contribute to. It took the place of our email distribution list entitled "e-babes". It's more fun and enables us to use photos etc. Pretty good for a bunch of women who had no experience with computers until long after giving birth!

I unexpectantly happened to communicate with some old friends on Facebook. It actually made me laugh at the eclectic group I have made "friends" with on that site. I am the only common element there. I am not sure I will maintain that site as some recent news stories tell of people trying to delete their site and being unable to. That won't be a problem for me, but might be for some young college students who may have a perspective employer view their site.

I found the Ning site a little less invasive at first and so uploaded my photo to that site. Later I saw the ads on the page. They were such things as: When will you die?Let the Death Clock tell you! Find out when you will die.
and....Chat Free with Sexy Singles in your ZIP code now! I realize advertising pays for our usage of these spaces, but I didn't want to be associated with items over which I had no control. So I actually changed my photo to a nondescript image.

The 23 things program was set up pretty well, but there were so many links from the actual unit that it often hard to find my way back to the it.It took me until about the 4th or 5th thing to understand the system. I eventually learned to keep two windows open. I created a shortcut to the 23 things in case that didn't work. And I ended up using that shortcut link many times.

If I had to describe my experience doing the 23 things I would call it an adventure of sorts and an definite awakening to the social networking going on around us. The way we communicate has changed and will continue to do so at an even faster pace than any of us thought possible. If I create a new avantar in the future, she'll be wearing running shoes.

What did I learn - Thing # 22

What I learned is that the entire concept of Web 2.0 is overwhelmingly endless. There are some phenomenal tools that are ever evolving. The displayed list of Web 2.0 sites shown in Go2Web is enough to scare event the bravest of Web adventurists. My feeling is we probably all begin using some of our favorites and keep adding as we go.

I'll make it a priority in my weekly tasks to keep checking these things out and adding to my blog.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Briefly back to- Thing #20

An interesting thing has been happening. Since I created a profile in Facebook, I've heard from several old friends who just happened to have them as well. None of these people are of college age. In fact, one was a university professor whose class I attended in 1979. It's been rather interesting. Another surprise, my nephew "accepted" me as a "friend" in Facebook. He IS a college student. I noted that older MySpace occupants are reluctant to put too much personal information on their site; younger people seem to put it all out there.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Other social groups- Thing #21

I found these social groups, Gather, Web Junction and Ning more to my liking. I created a Ning blog, posted a comment and added a widget and invited a friend/coworker to the blog.

Libraries and Social Networks - Thing # 20

This unit explored social networks, which incorporate many of the tools we’ve already covered -blogging, photo and video sharing, internal e-mail, message boards, and IM. I did set up a profile in Facebook. Somehow in doing so, I generated a request that will be sent to my 20 year old nephew, who probably won't want me viewing his information. He does seem to be having a good time at college. I found most of the groups to be of interest to college/high school students. I joined a runnning group, but found mostly information that was not relavent to the sport. I did "write on the wall". I honestly have no reason to use this type of site.

Podcasts - Thing # 19

I have some experience with Podcasts, but just don't use them on a regular basis. I believe if I was communting a longer distance, I might be inclinded to do so more. For this lesson, I listened to listen to a podcast from Minneasota Public Radio: Joe Satriani
Of the sites listed, I found easiest to navigate.
I doubt I'd do a podcast myself, but I can see how useful it might be for some Web sites.